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Looking to start a business or expand an existing business but don’t yet have the funding, business knowledge, or property? You could reach out to the Fritch EDC: That’s how we help!

Meetings and Agendas:


The FEDC meets monthly, generally on the first Monday of the month at noon in the Fritch Annex Building (directly across the highway from City Hall and the water tower). These meetings are open to the public and anyone can attend. The EDC meeting agenda is posted here on the Friday before the meeting. If you would like to be part of that agenda your request will need to be submitted by 5 p.m. the Thursday before the meeting.

Grants and Loans:


As mentioned, the FEDC can provide monetary assistance for business projects. Funding requests are submitted as part of a qualified, bankable, business plan. Each entrant must request a specific amount of funding and fully justify that request. The Board of Directors will have the discretion to award more or less than the amount requested pending Fritch City Council approval. However, the grant request must be specific, itemized and justified by the business plan. Download the Business Grant Application now to get started!

Additional Assistance:


Other than monetary support (Incentives, Grants, Loans, and/or investments) we offer consulting advice (internal and external), business training, research, analysis, and marketing support through the WTSBDC. This service is available at no cost. The EDC also has a wide range of connections with both local and state organizations that can be a great value in the need of of business growth and development.

If you are looking for property, contact us or check out our properties page.

Organization and Objectives:


The Fritch at Lake Meredith Economic Development Corporation is a Texas state chartered entity certified in September 2002 as a Section 4B enterprise. It has the following primary objectives:

  1. Attract new businesses to the area (Big and small) to bring additional jobs to Fritch.

  2. Increase the sales tax revenue base for the city.

  3. Improve the quality of life for those who call Fritch home.

The FEDC is overseen by the Fritch City Council which approves all spending requests such as grants and operating expenses.

How the EDC is Funded:


By ballot vote, the EDC was granted ¼ of 1 percent sales and use tax revenue within the City Limits of Fritch. These funds are used to advance the EDC’s objectives.

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