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Fritch Opportunity Piece

A brief but thorough overview of the important facets of life in and around Fritch, touching on everything from climate to the public school system. A must-read, incorporating data from many of the following pieces.

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Fritch Traffic Data

A 4-page report detailing traffic patterns through the center of Fritch as well as at nearby Lake Meredith

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Fritch esri Reports

3 + 1 in-depth reports based on 6 minute, 20 minute, and 60 minute drive times from the center of Fritch detailing: the businesses in the area, the consumers of the area, and a retail gap analysis of the area. Plus a visual of what those drive times cover geographically.

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External Resources

4 curated links. First to the Borger EDC's regional page (our next door neighbor with whom we collaborate)--which includes their information on the surroundings; a link to the National Park Service website dedicated to Lake Meredith as well as their data about Lake Meredith page; and a link to the nearby Rick Husband International Airport ✈️

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