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The Fritch EDC maintains a spreadsheet and plotting program of Broadway properties and their status: available = green, potentially available = yellow, unavailable = red--not displayed to reduce clutter. An example photo of our plotting program output is above. Please view the higher resolution photos linked at the bottom of this page for the most up-to-date view of what we know.

> Contact the EDC for a virtual walk-through of the properties in our plotting program, contact/pricing information we may have on a specific property (which for privacy reasons we don't make publicly available), or additional help finding that perfect spot!

PARCEL ID is the easiest way of getting more information about a property of interest. This is the number shown in conjunction with the placemarks in the photos. Please visit the Hutchinson County Appraisal District website ( and search this number to get more information about a property in the "Property ID" box as below:

Hutchinson Cad property search tutorial.png

You may alternatively use the 'Interactive Map" view.

Upon searching the results will look as follows. Click on an entry listed for more information about the property--such as owner address information--and including said map view!

property search results.png

Click below to access our most up-to-date properties photos/files on Dropbox

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