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FEDC Board and Personel

The EDC board is composed of volunteers passionate about giving back to the Fritch Community. Feel free to visit us at our monthly public meetings! If you've got business/grant writing/economic development experience or wish to learn while making Fritch a better community, feel free to fill out and send us the application below.

(Consultant) Suzanne Bellsnyder
Director, Primary Contact
1 (806) 270-0210
Kim Lindley
President; Contracts, Recruitment
1 (806) 341-1259
Ian Larson
Vice Pres; Properties, Website, Recruitment
1 (619) 807-0557
Christina Athey
Treasurer; Retention, Website
1 (806) 857-3143
LaTrina Gerstberger
Secretary; Retention
1 (806) 572-6977
Dwight Kirksey
Training, Recruitment, Website
1 (806) 395-9140
Lisa Smith
Board Member
1 (806) 231-7397
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